The Development Prospects of Food Thickeners Market

The Development Prospects of Food Thickeners Market



Food thickeners are widely used in our life, especially in the food processing industry. Adding thickeners to food can increase the consistency and taste of food.

With the increasing improvement of people's living standards, consumers' requirements for food taste, appearance and flavor will become higher and higher, so the use of thickeners in food has a broader space for development. Although the food thickeners market is prospective, the industry is still facing some problems.

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1. Food Thickeners Introduction

Food thickeners are closely related to our lives, such as our usual jelly, suspension drinks, fruit juice, fermented milk, liquid milk, soft candy, ice cream, meat products, rice and pasta products, etc.

Usually, the addition of food thickeners in food is very low, although the amount is very small, it can effectively and economically improve the stability of the food system.  At present, there are about 40 kinds of food thickeners in the world are widely used in the food processing industry & market.

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The improvement of people's living standards, the acceleration of the pace of life, the change of food consumption structure, these factors promote the rapid development of China's food industry and food thickeners market, consumers require food with convenience, diversification, nutrition, flavored and advanced characteristics.

In order to meet these requirements, food additives are essential, and thickener is one of the food additives and is a food additive with extensive use in the food industry.

Adding thickeners to food can increase the consistency and taste of food, as mentioned earlier, consumers will have higher and higher requirements for food taste, appearance, flavor, etc., so the use of thickeners in food has a broader space for development.

2. Problems of Food Thickeners Market

Although the food thickeners market is prospective, the industry is still facing some problems.

2. 1 Started Late

The research and development of food additives in China started late, although in recent years the development has been rapid, the number of new products developed for thickening agents has gradually increased, the number of related application research has also increased, but specifically to industrialization, scale production is less.

2. 2 Weak Technical Force

At present, there are still many problems in our thickeners production and food thickeners market, such as weak technical force, the transformation of new technologies and processes is not effective, making us in a weak position compared with developed countries in terms of technology, scale, product range, etc.

2. 3 Imperfect Regulations and Standards

In the process of strengthening the regulation of food safety, the state still has the problem of imperfect regulations and standards and insufficient scientific enforcement.

These also limit the technological innovation of enterprises, but also bring some negative impacts on the production and operation of enterprises.

For example, the rise of various costs, compressing the profit margin of enterprises, resulting in a decline in profitability.

And the production capacity of certain products is blindly expanded, leading to more intense market competition.

The vicious competition of low prices disrupts the market order and affects the healthy development of the industry.

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3. How to Improve?

Therefore, the relevant national management authorities need to do the following.

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In short, not only for food thickeners enterprises but also for the food thickeners market, the future is a mixture of opportunities and challenges.

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