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What Is Kappa Carrageenan Powder

Kappa carrageenan powder is made purely from red seaweed and is used in the food industry for gelling, thickening, and stabilizing. Kappa forms a firm, brittle gel with potassium. Also known as E407. 100% plant-derived, which means it's vegan and vegan friendly, it's also gluten-free.

Products We Offer

As one global kappa carrageenan powder supplier from China, we only select superior products from qualified carrageenan producers and manufacturers. Gino could offer a whole range of kappa carrageenan products as below:

Technical Data Sheet

Sensory Characteristics:
Kappa carrageenan powder is a fine granulometry powder with a slightly off white color and neutral odor and taste.
Chemical And Physical Characteristics:
 Kappa RefinedKappa Semi-Refined
Viscosity(1.5% 75℃)≥ 5 mPa.s≥ 5 mPa.s
Gel Strength(1.5%+0.2% KCL 20℃)≥1,300 g/cm2≥450 g/cm2
Moisture(105℃) ≤12% ≤12%
Total Ash (550℃)15-40%15-40%
pH (1%)8-118-11
Acid Insoluble Ash≤ 1%≤ 1%
Acid Insoluble Matter≤2%≤15%
Lead (Pb)≤5 ppm≤5 ppm
Arsenic (As)≤3 ppm≤3 ppm
Mercury (Hg)≤1 ppm≤1 ppm
Cadmium (Cd)≤2 ppm≤2 ppm
Microbiological Characteristics:
Total Plate CountMax 5,000 CFU/gMax 5,000 CFU/g
Yeast and MouldsMax 300 CFU/gMax 300 CFU/g
E.ColiAbsent in 5gAbsent in 5g
SalmonellaAbsent in 10gAbsent in 10g


As a responsible carrageenan supplier in China, Gino Biotech provides food systems solutions to many industries, at the same time, flexible packaging solutions could also be provided.  We will help you boost your business and make you stand out from the competition by offering you custom packaging. 

Contact us to customize your own packaging.

Carton Box

Carton Box_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Fiber Drum

Fiber Drum_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Tin Box

Square Tin Box_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Kraft Bag

Kraft Paper Bag_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

PP Woven Bag

PP Woven Bag_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers


 Solution properties, Acid stability, Gel properties, Synergism with other gums

Carrageenan type Lambda CarrageenanIota CarrageenanKappa Carrageenan
Hot (80 °C) waterSolubleSolubleSoluble
Cold (20 °C) waterAll salts solubleSodium salt solubleSodium salt soluble
Hot (80 °C) milkSolubleSolubleSoluble
Cold (20 °C) milkThickensInsolubleInsoluble

Cold milk

(TSPP added)


thickening or


Thickens or gelsThickens or gels
50% sugar solutionsSolubleInsolubleSoluble hot
10% salt solutionsSoluble hotSoluble hotInsoluble
Effect of cationsNon-gellingStrongest gels with calciumStrongest gels with potassium
Gel textureNon-gellingSoft, elasticFirm, brittle
HysteresisNon-gelling5-10 °C10-20 °C
Freeze-thaw stabilityYesYesNo
Synergy with locust bean gumNoNoYes
Synergy with konjac glucomannanNoNoYes
Synergy with starchNoYesNo
Shear reversibilityYesYesNo
Acid stabilityHydrolysisHydrolysis in solution, accelerated by heat; gels are stable
Protein reactivityStrong protein interaction in acidSpecific reaction with kappa-casein


What are the typical applications for kappa carrageenan powder?

Kappa carrageenan powder can be found in a number of foods you eat every day, including yogurts, cheeses, chocolate milk and almond milk, ice cream, salad dressing, jams and jellies, hotdogs, beers, and more. 

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Gino Biotech will always select the superior carrageenan products from reliable producer and manufacturer, and we aim to be your best kappa carrageenan powder supplier and good partner for other hydrocolloids from China.

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