Agar Agar Powder

Gel Strength:
700 g/cm2; 800 g/cm2; 900 g/cm2; 1000 g/cm2; 1100 g/cm2; 1200 g/cm2.
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Agar Agar Strips

Gel Strength:
400 g/cm2; 500 g/cm2; 600 g/cm2; 700 g/cm2
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Agar Flakes

It's widely used in vegetarian and vegan cooking as a gelatin substitute.
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Instant Agar | Spreadable Agar

Melting Temperature:
55-65 °C; 80-85 °C;
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Kappa Refined Carrageenan

Gel Strength:
900-1000 g/cm2 1100-1200 g/cm2 1200-1300 g/cm2 1300-1400 g/cm2 1450+ g/cm2
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Kappa Semi-Refined Carrageenan

Gel Strength:
500-600 g/cm2; 700-800 g/cm2
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Iota Refined Carrageenan

30 mPa.s; 40 mPa.s; 50 mPa.s; 60 mPa.s;
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Iota Semi-Refined Carrageenan

Iota Carrageenan is the only carrageenan style that is freeze/thaw stable.
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Stabilizer for Jelly

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Stabilizer for Gummy

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Stabilizer for Dairy

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Stabilizer for Meat

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