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Agar agar is a hydrocolloid extracted from red seaweeds that is widely used in the food industry and in certain scientific and industrial applications. 

As one of the professional and experienced agar agar powder suppliers in China, we have extended know-how and experience in the research, application, and use of agar agar, so we could provide a full range of agar products, and one-stop-shop customized solutions perfectly matched to the needs of our customers.

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Raw Materials

Gracilaria_The Raw Material of Agar Agar_Hydrocolloid Suppliers in China
Red Seaweeds

The bulk raw materials of our hydrocolloids products mainly originate from the natural and pollution-free seas of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries, including quality gracilaria, eucheumaottoni and gelidium. All our raw materials are green and environment-friendly and comply with domestic & national, EU & FDA standards.

Products We Offer

By Gel Strength


Appearance Off-white to yellowish powder
Moisture ≤ 12 %
Total Ash ≤ 5 %
Gel Strength (Nikkan Method) 700-1200 g/cm2
pH 5-7
Mesh size 80-100
Starch & Dextrin Not detectable
Gelatin and other proteins Not detectable
Water insoluble matter ≤ 1%
Heavy metal ≤ 20 ppm
Pb ≤ 3 ppm
As ≤ 2 ppm
Cd ≤ 1 ppm
Hg ≤ 1 ppm
Acid insoluble ash 0.5 % max
Total plate count ≤ 5000 cfu/g
Yeast & Mold ≤ 300 cfu/g
E.Coli Absent in 5 g
Salmonella Absent in 5 g


As the professional and responsible agar agar powder suppliers in China, Gino Biotech not only provides customized products but also flexible packaging solutions.  We will help you boost your business and make you stand out from the competition by offering you custom packaging. 

Carton Box

Carton Box_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Fiber Drum

Fiber Drum_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Tin Box

Square Tin Box_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Kraft Bag

Kraft Paper Bag_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

PP Woven Bag

PP Woven Bag_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers


The most important characteristics of agar are the following.

  • Great gelling power

    Its great gelling power in an aqueous environment allows it to form gels which are more resistant (stronger) than those of any other gel-forming agent, assuming the use of equal concentrations.

  • No reagents needed

    The simple water solution has that gelling power. There is no need to add reagents to produce gelation, such as potassium (or proteins as is necessary with carrageenans), calcium (or other divalent cations as is necessary with alginates). High sugar concentrations or an acid environment (as is necessary with pectins) are not needed.

  • Wide range of pH

    It can be used over a wide range of pH, from 5 to 8, and in some cases beyond these limits. It withstands thermal treatments very well, even above 100°C which allows good sterilization.

  • Gel Hysteresis

    A 1.5% aqueous solution gels between 32°C-43°C and does not melt below 85°C. This is a unique property of agar, compared to other gelling agents.

  • No cations added

    Agar gives gels without flavour and does not need the additions of cations with strong flavours (potassium or calcium), it can be used without problems to gel food products with soft flavours.

  • Enhances flavours

    It assimilates and enhances flavours of products mixed with it and acts as a fragrance-fixer permitting their long term fixation.

  • Thermoreversible gel

    Its gel has excellent reversibility allowing it to be repeatedly gelled and melted without losing any of the original properties.

  • Transparent gels

    Transparent gels that are easily coloured can be obtained whose refractive index can also be easily increased by adding sugar, glucose, glycerine, etc., given them an attractive brightness.


Food Applications

Food & Beverage Industry_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Water dessert jellies, Confectionery, Bakery products, Dairy products, Fermented products, Canned meat and fish product, Soups, and sauces, Fining agent, and Health foods.

Non-Food Applications

Biotechnology Industry_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Culture media and other bacteriological applications, Plant tissue culture, Dental mold, and Pharmaceutical preparations.

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Gino Biotech will always be your best supplier and a good partner for agar agar and other hydrocolloids from China.


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