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Iota Carrageenan is extracted from the red seaweed Eucheuma Spinosum. It is also known as calcium-sensitive carrageenan, which forms soft gels in the presence of calcium ions.

Iota Carrageenan is the only carrageenan style that is freeze/ thaw stable. Thus, a frozen Iota carrageenan gel will be completely syneresis-free when thawed. It is an excellent water binder in concentrations as low as 0.2%. 

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Iota Refined Carrageenan         Specification
AppearanceWhite of ivory white powder
Particle Size (Mesh)95% pass 120 mesh
Sulfate15 - 40
Viscosity (mPa.s)≥ 5
Moisture (%)≤ 12
Total Ash (%)15 - 40
Acid-insoluble Ash (%)≤ 1.0
Acid-insoluble Matter (%)≤ 2.0
pH8 - 11
Arsenic (As) (ppm)≤ 3.0
Lead (Pb) (ppm)≤ 5.0
Cadmium (Cd) (ppm)≤ 2.0
Mercury (Hg) (ppm)≤ 1.0
Total Plate Count (CFU/g)≤ 5000
Yeasts & Moulds (CFU/g)≤ 300
Escherichia ColiNegative
Salmonella Spp./25gNegative


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  • Due to Refined Iota Carrageenan's remarkable properties in gelling, thickening, emulsifying, film-forming, and stably dispersing, it is commonly applied in various fields such as dairy products, beverages, meat products, new health products, dietary supplements, pharmaceuticals, and daily chemical products (cosmetics), etc. 
  • It is usually used in water-based applications where a weak cohesive and elastic gel is required.
  • It provides an elastic thixotropic milk gel especially well suited for cold-filled dairy products and for whipped applications.

Water-Based Applications - Carrageenan

ApplicationUse level (%)
Hot-processed gelling applications 
Cake glaze0.60–0.70
Cheese, imitation block2.20–2.70
Cheese, imitation spread0.30–0.35
Desserts, water gels (dry mix)0.50–0.80
Desserts, water gels (RTE)0.60–1.00
Desserts, water gels (sugar-free)0.60–0.80
Entrapment or encapsulation1.00–2.00
Fabricated or formed foods2.00–3.00
Fish gels0.50–1.00
Frozen dough0.10–0.25
Ham, further processed0.30–0.50
Jelly, imitation (low sugar) dry mix1.50–2.00
Jelly, imitation (low sugar) RTE1.00–1.50
Mayonnaise, imitation0.50–1.00
Petfood0.20–1.00 + LBG
Petfood, gravy0.10–0.20 + Guar
Pie filling0.30–0.50
Poultry nuggets0.40–0.70
Poultry, further processed0.25–0.50
Red meats, further processed0.25–0.50
Seafood, further processed1.25–1.75 + starch
Sorbet0.15–0.30 + pectin
Sour cream0.10–0.20 + LBG
Surimi or kamaboko0.20–0.30 + starch
Tomato sauces0.10–0.20 + starch
Whipped cream0.01–0.05
Hot-processed thickening applications 
Batter mixes0.10–0.30
Coffee creamer0.10–0.20
Desserts, creamy whipped0.15–0.30
Fruit topping0.30–0.50
Mayonnaise, imitation0.40–0.60 + starch
Moisture barriers or meat glaze0.80–1.20
Salad dressing, hot process0.20–0.50
Variegates0.30–0.80 + starch
Cold-processed thickening applications 
Cheesecake (no bake)0.60–1.00
Fruit beverages0.10–0.20
Mayonnaise, imitation cold process0.40–0.70 + xanthan
Salad dressing (dry mix)0.60–1.00
Salad dressing (cold process)0.20–0.50

Protein-Based Applications - Carrageenan

ApplicationUse level (%)
Hot-processed milk thickening applications 
Calcium-fortified milk0.02–0.04
Chocolate drink0.02–0.04
Chocolate milk (HTST)0.02–0.04
Chocolate milk (UHT)0.02–0.05
Cottage cheese dressing0.01–0.05
Cream cheese0.05–0.08
Egg nog0.05–0.12
Evaporated milk0.005–0.020
Ice cream (hard pack)0.010–0.015 + guar/CMC/LBG
Ice cream (soft serve)0.02–0.03 + guar/CMC/LBG
Infant formula0.02–0.03
Shakes (RTE)0.02–0.03
Sterilized milk0.01–0.03
Soy beverages0.02–0.05
Hot-processed milk gelling applications 
Custards (dry mix)0.20–0.30
Dutch vla0.015–0.045 + starch
Flans (dry mix)0.20–0.30
Flans (RTE)0.20–0.30
Flans (soy)0.20–0.30
Puddings (cold fill)0.20–0.60
Pumpkin pie0.45–0.55
Cold-processed milk thickening applications 
Beverages, nutritional0.10–0.15
Cheese spreads, sauces0.50–1.00
Chocolate beverages, dry mix0.08–0.12
Chocolate syrups0.20–0.40
Desserts, dry mix0.15–0.20
Desserts, aerated (mousse)0.50–1.00
Ice cream (dry mix)0.50–0.80
Meringue topping0.15–0.25

Iota Carrageenan VS Gelatin

The use of iota carrageenan in dessert gel formulations affords gels that have textures very similar to those of gelatin gels.

They have an advantage over gelatin gels in that their melting point is higher so that they find a ready market in tropical climates or where refrigeration is not available. This is offset to some extent by the different mouth-feel since these gels do not "melt in the mouth", as does gelatin.

A further advantage is that iota gels retain their tender structure on aging, whereas gelatin tends to toughen.

This is important for ready-to-eat desserts, an item popular in Europe.


E-No. E 407
Origin Seaweed extract
Chemical composition 1. Family of salts of sulphated galactans (high sulfate content 18–40%); 2. D-galactose, D-(3-6)-anhydro-galactose, sulfate ester groups
Nutritional value (in 100 g) – metabolism 0 kJ (0 kcal); No resorption
Fibre content 100% Soluble fibre
Toxicology Global approval as food additives; viscosity: minimum 5 mPa s as 1.5% solution at 75 °C (167 °F) (average MW of 100 kDa); Europe: ADI (75 mg/kg BW per day) and MW limit of maximum 5% below 50 kDa
Solubility at low temperature (H2O) κ-C: only Na+ salts are soluble, limited swelling of K+ and Ca2+ salts; ι-C: only Na+ salts are soluble, Ca2+ salt gives thixotropic swollen particles; λ-C: all salts are soluble in cold water
Appearance of an aqueous solution Clear for pure extracts, opaque-turbid for PES
Viscosity of solution in water Medium to high (hot solutions set to gels when cooling)
Impact of heat on viscosity in water (pH 7) All κ-, ι-, and λ-C types are completely soluble in water and milk at T=80 °C (176 °F)
Viscosity development in water at pH 7 (T=0–100 °C) Complete solubility in water (or milk) at T= 80 °C (176 °F), viscosity is reduced by further heating (fully reversible at pH 7-9), solutions of κ- and ι-types set to gels upon cooling, gels are stable at room temperature, gels melt by heating and re-set upon cooling without loss of gel strength or texture in neutral conditions
Shear stability Solutions are pseudoplastic (reversible shear-thinning); κ-C-gels break when sheared (irreversible); ι-C-gels break by shear, but recover and re-gel after shear stress is removed
Thickening effect High
pH stability Medium (pH 5.5-9)
Decomposition κ-C + ι-C: hydrolysis by acid (accelerated by heat, low pH value, and time); however, gels are acid-stable; λ-C: hydrolysis in acidic systems
Film formation High
Emulsion stabilization High
Gelation κ-C: strongest gels with K+; ι-C: strongest gels with Ca2+; λ-C: no gelation with cations (but gelling with very high salt concentrations)
Gel strength and gel stability κ-C: firm brittle gels with strong syneresis, not freeze-thaw stable, hysteresis 10-20 °C (18-36 °F); ι-C: soft elastic texture, no syneresis, freeze-thaw stable; λ-C: no gels, solutions are freeze-thaw stable
Gel transparency High
Tendency for gel syneresis κ-C-gels: strong syneresis; ι-C-gels: no syneresis
Impact of electrolytes (cations +, 2+, 3+) κ-C: strong gelation with monovalent potassium ions; ι-C: strong gelation with divalent calcium ions; λ-C: no impact
Reaction with Ca2+ ions Gelation with ι-carrageenan
Protein activity κ-C. forms weak gels with κ-casein in milk to stabilize neutral dairy products and particles in suspensions; ι-C. and λ-C. have a strong protein interaction in acid
Crystallization control Gels of ι-C. and solutions of λ-C. are freeze-thaw stable, gels of κ-C. exhibit syneresis
Synergistic effects with other hydrocolloids κ-Carrageenan forms synergistic gels (increased gel strength and elasticity, reduced syneresis) with galactomannans (e.g. LBG) and konjac glucomannan; synergism between starch and ι-carrageenan
Other synergistic effects Solubility in 50% sugar solutions: κ-C. is hot-soluble, ι-C. is insoluble, λ-C. is soluble; solubility in 10% salt solutions: κ-C. is insoluble, ι-C. and λ-C. are hot-soluble
Negative interactions -
Dosage level in foods Low to medium (typical 0.02-3%)


Successful Additive

Carrageenan is one of the most popular and successful food additives in the world, for stabilising, thickening and gelling food systems.

Unique functional characteristics

It provides unique functional characteristics in food products and non-food systems.

Rich in antioxidants

Carrageenan has antioxidant activity and other properties that make it useful in health supplements.

Improve digestive system

Carrageenan influences the development of beneficial microbial communities in the digestive tract.

Lower Cholesterol Levels

Study shows that carrageenan can reduce lipid levels and blood cholesterol levels.


Carrageenan plays an important and valued role in modern-day formulations providing texture, structure, and physical stability in food and non-food products.

It is also used for cost reduction and added value.

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