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Gino Biotech Introduction

Your Premium Partner For Hydrocolloids

You need a hydrocolloids supplier and solution provider that is capable and you can rely on. Check the left video to know why Gino Biotech could be your best partner.

Gino Gums & Stabilizers Introduction

A global company in food gums & stabilizers solutions.

As one plant-based hydrocolloids supplier in China, we have quickly expanded our operations globally, service our customers worldwide, provide customers with the best food gums and stabilizers. 

Carrageenan in Gelatin-Free Jelly Candy

Gelatin-Free jelly candy is made from natural hydrocolloid and sugar, it has the features of softness, chewiness, high transparency. Check the video to know more about its Introduction, Production & Application.

Agar Agar in Vegan Gummy Bears Application

Agar Agar can be used as a gelling agent in vegan gummy bears, a good alternative to animal gelatin.

Check the video to explore more information about the Recipe, Benefits, Advantages, etc.

What is Spreadable Agar (Instant Agar)

Low Temperature, Short Time!

Spreadable agar, also known as Instant Agar, Quick Soluble Agar, is obtained by transforming the rigid structure of the traditional agar through process improvement.

This video is from the Xinhua News Agency.

In recent years, "plant-based meat" has gradually come into the public eye, and many restaurant brands have also shelved related dishes. What exactly is plant-based meat? What is the difference between "plant meat" and "animal meat"? What is its nutritional value? Is it healthy and fat-reducing? Is plant based weight loss reliable?


Our vegan shrimp ingredients, also called vegetarian shrimp compound thickeners are compounded with selected hydrocolloids, such as konjac gum or sodium alginate, and other ingredients, which are specially used for vegetarian seafood products, especially the plant-based shrimp.

We have developed multiple series of blended food stabilizers for use in jellies & puddings. Gino is your premier jelly thickener & jelly powder supplier who works directly with you to provide customized solutions.

with Paul Shapiro

Imagine faux meats that are healthy, eco-friendly, cruelty-free, delicious, AND cost-effective! The world would be a better place...

Unlike traditional gelatin-based gummies, agar gummy is made with agar-agar as the gelling agent, which has good toughness and brittleness, and is also in line with the "plant-based" and "sugar reduce" food trend.

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