Is using plant-based meat to lose fat an IQ tax or not?

This video is from the Xinhua News Agency. In recent years, "plant-based meat" has gradually come into the public eye, and many restaurant brands have also shelved related dishes. What exactly is plant-based meat? What is the difference between "plant meat" and "animal meat"? What is its nutritional value? Is it healthy and fat-reducing?

Is plant based weight loss reliable?

What is "plant-based meat"? How does it taste?

Plant meat is technically called "plant-based meat", which is a product made from plant-based ingredients, imitating the color, aroma, taste and physical form of meat, but the taste is still a little different from meat.

The main raw material of plant-based meat is beans, which will taste a bit beany, so how to make the "meat taste" more realistic is a technical difficulty that is currently facing the research and development of plant-based meat.

What is the difference between "plant-based meat" and "animal meat"? Which has higher nutritional value?

Zhu Yi, associate professor at the School of Food of China Agricultural University, said that the nutritional value of plant meat compared to animal meat, as infant formula compared to breast milk, although infinitely close, but not identical.

Fan Zhihong, an associate professor at the School of Food of China Agricultural University, said that the conversion rate of protein and the content of trace elements in different foods are different, so it is difficult to compare the nutritional value of the two.

Is plant-based meat with additives healthy and fat-reducing?

Plant based meat will add some hydrocolloids and food additives in the production. In fact, all food additives will be subjected to numerous toxicological experiments before entering the market, and additives in plant-based meat will not cause health hazards as long as they are legal. However, the sodium content of vegetable meat is much higher than that of animal meat after modification by various additives. Therefore, patients with cardiovascular disease need to pay extra attention when purchasing.

Many people feel that plant meat will help with fat loss and need to be aware that the total calorie content of the plant meat chosen.

Plant meat is a high-calorie, high-salt, deeply processed food that does not contain cholesterol but uses a particularly high amount of vegetable oil to improve the taste, and the calorie intake is usually higher than that of animal meat. Plant based weight loss does not make accurate sense.

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