Nestle will Launch New Gelatin Free Gummies in the UK and Ireland 2021

Nestle's New Gelatin Free Gummies



Nestle announced that its Rowntree brand will launch new gelatin free gummies Dessert Pastilles in the UK and Ireland in February 2021, with four new flavors: Mango, Blueberry, Cherry and Apple, all gelatin-free and available to vegetarians. According to reports, 30 new vegan gummy candy recipes have been tried out by the company in order to remove the gelatin and retain the original "softness and springiness" of the gummy candy.

Rowntree vegan gummies candy

1. Gelatin Gummies & Gelatin-Free Gummies Candy

Gelatin is a very widely used ingredient in food, especially in candy, jelly and other types of food, and it is almost essential and has been used for a long time.

In the past, except for some vegan brands, there were few brands that took the initiative to develop gelatin substitutes and gelatin-free gummies candies and other foods.

But in recent years, with the promotion and development of vegetarianism, as well as consumer concern about food ingredients, more and more brands began to reduce artificial additives in food, including the use of natural corn starch or other plant-based, seaweed-based hydrocolloids instead of gelatin, improve the proportion of natural fruit in candy, reduce the proportion of added sugar and so on.  ->Read more about the 3 Trends & Innovations in Texture.

For example, Mars Group's Rainbow Candy and Hubba Bubba Bubble Gum have replaced gelatin with other natural plant-based ingredients;

Cocomels' sea salt coconut milk caramel, Fun Dip, and other more classic candy brands have also eliminated gelatin and milk ingredients.

Organic fruit snack brand Solely is also about to launch organic fruit gummies that contain only organic whole fruits and vitamin C, with no added sugar, preservatives, gelatin, colors or gums. The brand has won many awards for its fruit snack products.

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2. Why "Gelatin Free Gummies" ?

It is not only the demand of vegetarians but also the demand of most consumers for food Healthy, natural, and with simple and clean ingredients (Clean label).

For consumers, ingredients are becoming healthier, simpler, more natural and plant-based.

This is a very good sign, because it means that they can maintain a (relatively) healthy diet in multiple consumption scenarios in their daily lives;

Secondly, these brands do not focus on vegetarianism as their main selling point but are labeled as "vegetarian-friendly" (meaning that vegetarians can also eat them), which satisfies the needs of vegetarians and does not give other consumers the stereotype of "consumer segmentation", and gives consumers the impression that the products are more inclusive.

With the further development of vegetarianism and health, as well as the development of consumer knowledge and concern for food, more and more products will be plant-based, and will occur in all categories of food.

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