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Agar in Beverages



Today we would like to share with you that agar in beverages and its fantastic weight loss properties.  Agar is a polysaccharide body extracted from seaweed, which has physical and chemical properties such as coagulability, stability, and the ability to form complexes with some substances. Agar could be used as a thickener, coagulant, suspending agent, emulsifier, preservative, and stabilizer.  

If used as a stabilizer in calcium-containing beverages, it can prevent calcium precipitation, improve the swallowing taste and make it taste refreshing and natural; it can also control weight and have the effect of slimming.

agar in beverages

1. Current Status of Beverages

Neutral milk drinks such as cocoa drinks and coffee drinks, neutral soy milk drinks, acidic milk drinks, and acidic soy milk drinks on the market all contain insoluble ingredients, and the products are not in a stable state.

Most of the insoluble ingredients in these beverages mainly refer to ingredients rich in nutritional functions such as calcium, fiber, and protein.

If these insoluble ingredients are contained, the state of the beverage will be unstable under acidic conditions, so it has become a great need to prevent precipitation and ensure the refreshing taste of the beverage.

Pectin and CMC are usually used as stabilizers in acidic milk beverages and acidic soy milk beverages. They prevent the agglutination and sedimentation caused by the instability of milk protein.

Pectin and CMC attract lactic acid particles formed by agglutination of sound protein micelles and form negative ion colloids, and use the mutual repulsion of these ions to achieve state stability,

but adding more than a certain amount of stabilizer will make the beverage have a posture and poor swallowing sensation.

Why do we use Agar as a stabilizer in beverages?

Therefore, adding stabilizers to beverages containing insoluble ingredients can prevent sedimentation, but at the same time, it can also produce a paste-like feeling and make them less palatable. Insoluble ingredients include cocoa powder, minerals that add nutritional value, precipitates in cloudy juice and tea, and protein ingredients that agglomerate under acidity. The use of agar as a stabilizer can prevent the settling of insoluble ingredients in beverages, and provide a refreshing swallowing sensation without a paste-like feel.

2. The Principle of Agar in Beverages

Agar in beverages could prevent the precipitation of insoluble components and have a non-paste-like feel.

The principle of agar in beverages is as follows:

Agar can form a weak three-dimensional mesh structure even in a low-concentration solution that does not reach the gel state.

This three-dimensional mesh structure can be used as a support for water-insoluble substances, preventing their precipitation and stabilizing their dispersion, and the insoluble components are "locked" in the gel, thus inhibiting their precipitation and making a drink with a refreshing swallowing taste.

Agar can also be used with stabilizers such as CMC, pectin, and carrageenan to reduce the number of stabilizers added that cause poor swallowing taste.

agar water retention

3. Agar Properties

Agar is a polysaccharide extracted from seaweed, which has physical and chemical properties such as coagulability, stability, and the ability to form complexes with some substances, and can be used as a thickener, coagulant, suspending agent, emulsifier, preserving agent, and stabilizer.

Because of its good gelation, thickening, suspension, stability, colorlessness, and tastelessness, it can bring out the original taste of ingredients such as fruits or milk completely without affecting the flavor of the food itself.

At the same time, agar is also rich in natural dietary fiber, which has a variety of physiological functions.

Therefore, agar can be added as a stabilizer to coffee milk drinks, acidic milk drinks, soy milk drinks, cereal drinks, and nutritional drinks containing minerals and proteins, etc., to obtain the same put fruit.

In addition, agar has weight loss properties, and products with agar can be consumed without fear of gaining weight.

4. The Weight Loss Properties of Agar

  • 1.Every 100 grams of agar has 73.6% fiber content, other high fiber natural algae such as: nori, hairy vegetable and dried seaweed, the content is only 11.7%, 20.4%, 28.3%, therefore, agar has a great advantage in the application of slimming food!

  • 2.Only 15 kcal per 10g of agar, usually only 1~2g of agar is used in cooking, so consumers don't need to worry about gaining weight after eating too much.

  • Agar is rich in fiber, which can cover carbohydrates in the stomach, reduce the absorption of carbohydrates, and inhibit the rise of blood sugar, which is one of the low GI foods.

5. Agar Agar Recipe with Milk Beverages

Application of Agar in Beverages: Refreshing Tasting Beverages

agar water retention

5.1 Agar in Beverages: Calcium-Containing Beverages

  • Agar 0.1%,
  • Calcium Carbonate 0.2%,
  • Glucose Fructose Liquid 10%,
  • Water 89.7%

After leaving the prepared calcium beverage for a period of time, no calcium precipitation appeared and the taste was refreshing when swallowed.

Agar in Cocoa Milk

5.2 Agar in Beverages: Cocoa Milk

  • Agar 0.15%,
  • Sugar 5.5%,
  • Cocoa Powder 2.2%,
  • Milk 92.15%

The prepared cocoa drink did not have precipitation and did not have a paste-like feeling, and had a good swallowing sensation.

6. Conclusion

Agar is added as a stabilizer to coffee milk drinks, acidic milk drinks, soy milk drinks, cereal drinks, and nutritional drinks containing minerals and protein, etc.

It prevents calcium precipitation, improves swallowing taste, and makes it taste refreshing and natural;

Moreover, agar also has weight loss properties, prevents weight gain, and is more in line with the modern consumer view, therefore, agar has obvious advantages in weight loss and low-calorie foods, and can be used more in such products.

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