Breaking News: Lab Grown Meat’s First Commercial Sale in 2020


The more common "artificial meats" on the market today are mostly made from soy or pea protein.

And there is another major form of "artificial meat", that is, " lab grown meat ", also called “clean meat”, “In vitro meat”, “synthetic meat”, “cultured meat”.

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Due to cost and other factors, the pace of promotion of laboratory-grown meat in the market is somewhat slower, compared to other plant-based protein meats.

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With the advancement of technology, what will come will come, and "lab-grown artificial meat" is coming closer and closer to everyone's table.

Unlike plant-based meat substitutes made from ingredients such as peas or soy protein, "artificial meat" is made from animal cells grown in a laboratory.

Singapore's Channel News Asia reported on Dec. 2 that Eat Just, a U.S. food technology startup, announced the same day that its "artificial chicken" had been approved by the Singapore government.

The Singapore Food Authority (SFA) said on the same day that the chicken meat grown by Eat Just has met the safety standards set by the Authority for making chicken nuggets.

This may be the first time that a "lab-grown artificial meat" product has been commercially marketed worldwide.

It was further noted that the Singapore approval is "the world's first regulatory approval for safe, real, high-quality meat produced directly from animal cells," paving the way for the company's upcoming small-scale sales in Singapore.

The company says that, safety and quality verification results show that its chicken meets poultry meat standards, has far lower microbial levels than conventional chicken, and is much cleaner.  No antibiotics are used in the production process.

The meat will be sold in "chicken nuggets" that will cost $50 each, according to the company.

According to Eat Just co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Josh Tetrick, the product will first be available in Singapore, with plans to gradually roll it out in several international markets, including China.

Although, the product, which is currently grown in a lab using livestock cells, is still in its infancy, Singapore's move is likely to attract more customers. But Singapore's move may attract more competitors in the artificial meat industry to the Southeast Asian countries, perhaps leading to a new round of "artificial meat" market war.

Faced with something new, some people choose to be stuck in doubt and hesitation, while others choose to forge ahead! There is no right or wrong!

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How to make lab grown meat?

Scientists are growing meat cell by cell in the lab without GMOs. This "clean" meat is developed by multiple startups who are hoping to be the first to launch their lab grown meat into the market. As no animals are harmed, this meaty food is gaining support from vegans as well.

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