Healthy & Professional Vegan Gummy Recipe | 100% Gelatin-Free

Professional Recipe of Vegan Gummy

Healthy & Professional Vegan Gummy Recipe (2)

Today we are sharing a healthy and professional vegan gummy recipe that is 100% gelatine-free.

Unlike the thickeners and gelling agents we have recommended in the past, this vegan gummy recipe does not use pure carrageenan or agar, but a custom compounded product Blends 048.

The product Blends 048 is a blend of carrageenan and other high-quality ingredients. They are mixed in scientific proportions according to their respective physical and chemical properties.

It contributes to a chewy, gelatin-like texture in the production of vegan jelly gummies.

Vegan Gummies

Professional Vegan Gummy Recipe - Blackcurrant Flavor

Professional Vegan Gummies Recipe

Below is a recommended recipe suitable for industrial large-scale vegan gummy production.





Gino Blends 048


Malic acid


Glucose syrup

 (DE 42, solid content 75%)


Citric acid




Blackcurrant flavor


Sodium citrate


Purified boiled water




Sodium citrate




Acid powder




Purple coloring



The recipe is for reference only, the ingredients and their additions can be adjusted appropriately according to the actual situation.

It is not enough to have a vegan gummy recipe, because the production of gummies is not an easy task, and improper handling can easily cause various quality problems.

Next, we will tell you in detail how you should proceed with the manufacturing of vegan gummies according to the above recipe.

Production Process of Blackcurrant Flavored Vegan Gummy

Blackcurrant Flavored Vegan Gummies

Completely dissolve malic acid (0.2kg), citric acid(0.6kg), and sodium citrate (0.2kg) in boiled water (0kg), keep at 70℃ before using

Premix Blend 048 with sodium citrate (2kg) and part of the sugar, then mix well in some water until the powder is dispersed and no lumping

In a separate pot, add in the rest of the sugar and syrup, mix well, and heat up until boiling; then add in the above gel solutions from step 2

Add in coloring when solid content reaches 68%

Heat up with stirring until solid content reaches 70%, then stop heating

Add in flavor, mix well

Add in prepared acid solution, stir well

Hot fill the above solution into mold as soon as possible at above 95℃

Dry under 55℃ for 36-40hrs (drying time depends on the efficiency of the drier room and unit size of the gummy, the moisture of the end product should be around 16%-17%)

(Optional) Clean starch and steam gummy, coat with moderate acid powder, and dry for 2 hours until the surface is dry enough

Cool down and pack

Tips and Precautions

Do you think that's the end of it? No!

To help you make mouth-watering blackcurrant-flavored vegan gummies, there are also the following warm tips and precautions.

  1. Preparation of acid powder: well mix 96g of fine sugar and 4g of tartaric acid together.
  2. Dosage of acid powder: 90-95g candies requires about 5-10g acid powder.
  3. To make sugar-free gummy or less sugar gummy, it is necessary to replace the glucose syrup and sugar in the recipe with maltitol and maltose as follows:
  • Sugar-Free: Maltitol crystals 28.5%, Maltitol (Liquid form)66.5%
  • Low Sugar: Maltitol crystals 28.5%, Maltose (Liquid form) 66.5%

There are many different types of vegan gummies, different textures, different flavors, and different appearances, and therefore there can be a million recipes.

The vegan gummy recipe we provide today is just one of the common ones, maybe it's not perfect, or not so professional, but hopefully, it will be helpful for you.

If you would like to learn more about vegan gummy ingredients, recipes, and technical guidance, our team will be happy to help.

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