How to Make Mirror Glaze | 100% Vegan Neutral Mirror Glaze Recipe

Vegan Neutral Mirror Glaze Recipe


Embrace the world of vegan desserts with our remarkable 100% vegan neutral mirror glaze recipe. Whether you're a dedicated vegan or simply exploring plant-based options, this guide will walk you through crafting a stunning neutral mirror glaze without the use of gelatin. Unleash your creativity and indulge in the art of vegan dessert decoration.

100% Vegan Neutral Mirror Glaze Recipe Without Gelatin (2)

What is Mirror Glaze?

Mirror glaze, also known as neutral glaze or cold glaze, is the alchemy of pastry decoration, a glossy, vibrant concoction that cloaks desserts in a shimmering, reflective finish. It's like gazing into a dessert-looking mirror, where colors dance and light plays.

Beyond the ordinary realm of icing, mirror glaze elevates cakes and pastries into works of edible art, tantalizing both the eyes and taste buds.

What is Mirror Glaze

Common Mirror Glaze Ingredients

What is mirror glaze made of?

Sweeteners (sugar, glucose syrup), Thickeners (gelatin, instant agar/quick soluble agar, pectin), Liquid(water, milk, juice), Acids (citric acid), Flavours & Colours

Mirror glaze is crafted from a basic blend of sweeteners, thickeners, and a liquid element, which can range from milk and lemon juice to water. This mixture is adaptable, allowing for a range of textures, from dense to more fluid, that set to different levels of firmness without becoming rigid.

If you're going to make a vegan mirror glaze, then gelatin can't be used.

Common Mirror Glaze Ingredients

Vegan Neutral Mirror Glaze Recipe - An Easy Recipe

Mirror Glaze Ingredients%
Instant agar/quick soluble agar (ZN80C, ZN80L)0.5-1.0%
Glucose Syrup53
Citric Acid0.4
Flavours & ColoursAppropriate


  • Glucose Syrup: DE40, 85 brix
  • Citric Acid: 50% solution
  • The dosage may be adjusted according to desired texture

How to Make Mirror Glaze - Step-by-step Instructions

Discover the art of creating mesmerizing mirror glaze with the following step-by-step instructions. Elevate your desserts to a new level of elegance with this guide on how to make mirror glaze.

  1. Dry blend 0.5-1% of Instant Agar powder and Sugar.
  2. Disperse the powder blend under frequent agitation in hot water (65°C or above) for 5-10 minutes,until the powder is completely dissolved & solution is clear.
  3. Add the preheated 90℃ glucose syrup into the solution under frequent agitation, to prevent the sugar from caramelizing or burning.
  4. When the solution has reached 66-68% total solids (66-68 Brix), remove from heat allow to cool until 60-65°C. Then add citric acid to adjust the acid.
  5. Add the desired amount of flavours & colours into the solution.
  6. Make up the evaporated water and adjust to the corresponding weight.
  7. Pour into mould and allow to cool at room temperature for 24 hours for maximum performance.
  8. Then the ready-to-use gel has been prepared well and just use it according to your needs.
How to Make Mirror Glaze - Step-by-step Instructions

FAQs About Neutral Mirror Glaze Recipe

Absolutely! Dark or whiter chocolate lends its unique character, adding depth to your glaze.


Indeed, you can prepare it ahead of time and gently reheat when needed.

Honey or corn syrup can step in as delicious alternatives.

While possible, freezing may affect the glaze's shine. Fresh is best for mirror-glazed treats.

Not at all! Agar agar is easy to use and provides a firm set without the need for animal-derived gelatin.

Yes, you can achieve a stunning array of colors using natural sources like beetroot, turmeric, and spinach.

Conclusion: Elevate Your Desserts with Neutral Mirror Glaze

The neutral mirror glaze recipe isn't just a recipe; it's a journey into the realm of culinary enchantment. With a few simple steps, you can turn your desserts into shimmering works of art that captivate every sense. So go ahead, embrace the magic, and let your creations gleam with elegance and flavor. Your desserts deserve nothing less than a mirror-glazed touch of brilliance.

Ready to create desserts that dazzle? Explore the essential ingredients for crafting the perfect neutral mirror glaze and take your culinary creations to the next level. Check out our Mirror Glaze Ingredients guide and let the magic unfold on your plate!

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