Research Trends of Hydrocolloids

hydrocolloids trends

Hydrocolloids are natural biopolymers which mostly derived from animals or plants, such as polysaccharides, proteins and other complex carbohydrates. 

Compared with chemical materials such as synthetic polymer materials, hydrocolloids have unparalleled advantages such as reproducibility, environmental friendliness and biocompatibility. 

Therefore, regardless of environmental protection or sustainable development society, it represents a new direction and a new trend in the development of contemporary materials. 

China has abundant agricultural and animal husbandry resources; therefore the development, functionalization and industrial application of new hydrocolloids have great potential.

At present, researches on hydrocolloids should focus on the following aspects: 

Hydrocolloids Trends 1:
In-depth study of the properties of hydrocolloids

At present, the research on hydrocolloids mainly focuses on the development of its application, but rarely studies the basic theory. 

It is necessary to study the various types of hydrocolloids, and the different types of structures of the same hydrocolloid, and the relationship between structure and properties. 

Hydrocolloids Trends 2:
Study compound hydrocolloids

Based on the existing materials that are allowed to be used as food additives and hydrocolloids, the properties of various monomer gels, the interaction between gums and gums,

and the interaction between gums and electrolyte are studied.

From this, the types and proportions of the monomer gels were determined, and a composite formulation method was used to produce a myriad of compound hydrocolloids. 

Hydrocolloids Trends 3:
Research and develop new, nutritious and multifunctional hydrocolloids

Using the interaction of protein and polysaccharides, some new food additives have been produced, meanwhile, some nutritious and multifunctional edible mashes,

such as versatile edible polymers, have also been developed. 

Hydrocolloids Trends 4:
Committed to the development of biological hydrocolloid resources

Natural plants and animals have long production cycles and low production efficiency.

However, the production capacity of natural hydrocolloids can be greatly increased by using modern biotechnology. 

Microbial hydrocolloids such as xanthan gum and gellan gum have broad application prospects.

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