The Ultimate Guide to Instant Agar (Spreadable Agar, Quick Soluble Agar)

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instant agar, quick soluble agar, spreadable agar supplier

Gino Biotech is one instant spreadable agar supplier in China. Due to its quick solubility, it's widely used in yogurts, custard creams, cold glaze, etc. This guide will take you through the Instant Agar. You’re going to learn everything including what it is, the raw materials, processing technology, application areas, advantages. Keep reading to learn more.

What Is Instant Spreadable Agar

One excellent gelling agent

instant agar, quick soluble agar supplier

Instant Agar, also known as Spreadable Agar, Quick Soluble Agar, is obtained by transforming the rigid structure of the traditional agar through process improvement.

It changes the bottleneck that ordinary agar can only dissolve above 90℃, it has excellent gel performance in low temperature, can be dissolved completely at 45-50℃, 55-60℃ or 75-80℃ in 5-10 minutes.

Spreadable Agar gives a softer and creamy texture which still maintaining the natural benefits of seaweed fibre. It has high solubility and transparency, easy to use, and has unique properties such as good thickening, gelling, suspension, improving taste, and supplementing dietary fiber.

What Is The Raw Materials


Using natural tropical cultivated seaweeds crops as raw materials, so it contains up to 70% total dietary fibre.
It is also a non-allergenic substance.
Most of all, it’s 100% Vegan, no religious issue and BSE-Free, so it could be easily accepted by any culture and religion.

Basic Parameters

Chinese Name低温速溶琼脂
English NameSpreadable Agar, Instant Agar, Quick Soluble Agar, China Fast Soluble Agar
SourceTraditional agar prepared through process improvement
AppearanceWhite or off-white powder
Main FeaturesLow temperature dissolution, High transparency

Spreadable Agar Specification

AppearancePale yellow to off white powderQualified
Moisture, %≤ 22.04.2
Mesh-80 Mesh:100%
Gel Strength (1.5%), g/cm2According to the need50
Total Ash, w/%≤ 5.02.6
Water-Insoluble Substance, w/%≤ 1.0< 1.0
Starch TestPass testPass test
Gelatin TestPass testPass test
Lead(Pb), mg/kg≤ 5.0Qualified
Arsenic(As), mg/kg≤ 3.0Qualified
Total Plate Count, CFU/g≤ 5000< 5000
E.ColiAbsent in 5 gQualified
SalmonellaAbsent in 25 gQualified
ConclusionQualified, fit for human consumption.

What Are The Main Properties

Here you find the general properties of traditional agar,

E406 Agar Agar Suppliers Manufacturers in China

Besides these properties, spreadable agar also has the following unique properties:

  • Low Gel Strength

    50-80, 80-100, 100-200, 200-300, 300-400, low gel strength contributes great dispersibility and unique speradable ability.

  • Low Temperature Dissolution

    The most significant advantage is "Low temperature, Short time" dissolution.

    The dissolution of ordinary agar requires heating at 95°C for 15-20 minutes. At present, the dissolution temperature of instant agar on the market is 65-80°C and the dissolution time is 8-15 minutes, which improves the dissolution performance of agar to a certain extent.
    Until now, Gino has developed three series of spreadable agar to comply with the changing market demands and multiple customers’ needs:
    45-50°C , 50-55°C and 75-80°C.

Difference Between Traditional Agar And Instant Agar

  Temperature Time Transparency Gel Forming
Traditional Agar High: 95°C Long: 15-20 min General Slow
Low Temperature Instant Agar Low: 45-50°C, 50-55°C, 75-80°C Short: 5-10 min Better Quick
  • Good Synergy

    Spread Agar has a synergistic effect with various sugars. Sugar can increase the strength of the gel, and when the sugar concentration exceeds 40%, it can also increase the transparency of the gel.

  • The Relationship Between Gel Strength And Concentration

    The gel strength of low-temperature instant agar is basically proportional to the concentration. The higher the concentration, the greater the gel strength.

Sugar (2)

What Is The Processing Technology

Maybe you are interested in how the instant agar is made by transforming the rigid structure of the traditional agar through process improvement.

There are two main processing technologies, they are:

  1. Physical improvement method - Cosolvent
  2. Chemical modification method - Demethoxylation Reaction
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If you are interested in this technology, please feel free to contact our technical support team by sending email, HERE.

What Are The Main Application Areas

Low-temperature instant agar is suitable for gel shaping of high-quality nutritious food, pharmaceutical and biological products in low-temperature production process. Such as solidified yogurt, candy, jelly, beverages, baking (cold glaze), custard sauce, filling medium, etc.

instant agar, spreadable agar in yogurt

1. Yogurt

Dissolve quickly at low temperature, which matches with the process of dairy products, reducing the damage to nutrients by high temperatures.

Advantages Of Instant Agar Over Gelatin In Yogurt

Raw Materials Use Level Melting Point Stability Nutritional Properties Shelf Life
Instant Agar Red seaweeds, 100% Vegan Lower, 1/2 the amount of gelatin Higher It's also stays stable hot (up to 85° C!) and cold. Low in saturated fat and cholesterol Longer
Gelatin Animal source, Non-Vegan Higher Lower Gelatin melts at 35 ° C Results in net loss of protein and malnutrition if eaten exclusively Shorter
Jams_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers in China

2. Jam

It is usually used as a gelling agent in jelly, pudding, fish gel because of its high elasticity, low water release ( even after freezing and thawing).

instant agar, spreadable agar in custard creams

3. Custard Cream

Keep the oil in the gel structure, so it it more heat stable.

instant agar, spreadable agar in cold glaze

4. Cold Glaze

Better transparency and brightness and strong moisture retention.

How to make a Vegetarian Mirror Glaze by using Agar Agar Powder without Gelatin? 

This article gives you a complete guide!

Still not enough?

OK, Here is Keyk's recipe for a galaxy inspired mirror glaze without gelatin, but with Agar Agar (A gelatin alternative that works great for a mirror glaze).

More detail to this can be found in below video or Keyk's blog here.

Galaxy Mirror Glaze Without Gelatine And Syrup - Mirror Glaze With Agar Recipe

Advantages Of Instant Agar Over Pectin In Cold Glaze

Raw Materials Consistent in Structure Gel Forming Condition Handling Time
Instant Agar Red seaweeds, always available. Five Stars Easy: No cations added Short
Pectin Fruits, Apple or citrus, seasonal. Three Stars Hard: Low pH, high brix Long

Preparation Directions  Of Instant Agar For Cold Glaze


  1. Dry blend 0.5-1% C100 powder and Sugar.
  2. Disperse the powder blend under frequent agitation in hot water(80°C above)for 1-2 minutes, until the powder is completely dissolved & solution is clear.
  3. Add the preheated 90℃ glucose syrup into the solution under frequent agitation, to prevent the sugar from caramelizing or burning.
  4. When the solution has reached 66-68% total solids(66-68 Brix), remove from heat allow to cool until 60-65°C. Then add citric acid to adjust the acid.
  5. Add the desired amount of flavours & colours into the solution.
  6. Make up the evaporated water and adjust to the corresponding weight.
  7. Pour into mould and allow to cool at room temperature for 24 hours for maximum performance.
  8. Then the ready-to-use gel has been prepared well and just use it according to your needs.

What Is The Suggested Use Level

For soft gel: 0.5%

For stronger gel: 1.0% - 2.0%

What Are Their Advantages

  1. A safe and healthy food material, 80% of low-temperature instant agar is dietary fiber called the seventh nutrient, and it is a healthy food with many physiological functions.
  2. Using natural seaweed as raw material, it is a non-allergenic substance
  3. Excellent low temperature and instant dissolution (5-10 minsat 50-55℃ or 75-80℃, it can be completely dissolved)
  4. One of the few thickening stabilizers that can participate in the fermentation of yogurt
  5. The flavor is released well in the final products, refreshing and delicate
  6. It can not only be used as a supplement for dietary fiber, but also as a thickening stabilizer.
  7. The ingredient identification in the label is easily accepted by consumers
About Gino Biotech

We are a biotech company specialized in the research, development and commercialization of innovative and technological food additives hydrocolloids Agar Agar, Carrageenan and Tailor-Made Stabilizer Solutions.

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Our products cover the needs of the Meat, Dairy, Bakery, Confectionery and other industrial sectors.

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