What are the applications of carrageenan in the pharmaceutical fields?

Applications of carrageenan in the pharmaceutical fields


Carrageenan is used in biochemistry as a microbial suspension agent, barium sulfate dispersant, capsule and microbial carrier, immobilized cell carrier, etc. So, what are the applications of carrageenan in the pharmaceutical fields?

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The specific details are as follows.

1. The applications of carrageenan in microbial medium

Using carrageenan instead of agar as a bacterial medium, whether in terms of hardness and water retention or in terms of the number of bacterial growth and the size and shape of the colony, carrageenan is quite good.

Especially the transparency, carrageenan is far better than agar.

2. The applications of carrageenan in cod liver oil and pesticide

Carrageenan can be used as emulsifier for emulsified cod liver oil and so on. Adding a small amount of carrageenan to the pesticide for virus control and then spraying, it can significantly improve the efficacy.

3. The applications of carrageenan in ointment base, tablet binder and soft capsule

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3. 1 Carrageenan in Ointment Base

Carrageenan can be used as a non-oily ointment base, which can be easily washed after clothes are stained. Carrageenan is used as a binder for tablets, and in some cases, there is a role in prolonging the effect of drugs. For example, when antihistamines are combined with carrageenan and then fed to experimental animals, the effect can be extended three times longer.

3. 2 Carrageenan in Tablet

Carrageenan is particularly effective for drugs with a base group that binds to the sulfate group of carrageenan to form a salt, which is then slowly hydrolyzed and released in the body to prolong the drug's effectiveness.

3. 3 Carrageenan in Soft Capsule

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In addition, carrageenan can also be used to make medicinal soft gels, which are more suitable for vegetarians and religious people than gelatin.

4. The application of carrageenan in the screening of anti-inflammatory drugs

Using carrageenan as an inflammatory agent, injected into the foot of rats, causing edema and inflammation, and then observe the anti-inflammatory effect of different drugs to screen anti-inflammatory drugs, which has been used in many foreign countries.

5. Carrageenan in the application of slow laxative

Carrageenan is a mild and effective laxative for constipation.

6. The application of carrageenan in other medical fields

In the prevention and treatment of gastric ulcer, carrageenan has good effect;

Carrageenan can be used as anticoagulant, with similar anticoagulant effect as heparin;

Carrageenan has a lowering effect on blood lipids;

Carrageenan can increase the growth of joint tissue and collagen, and increase the absorption of calcium in bones.

In addition, carrageenan has applications in immune response.

7. Conclusion

In conclusion, carrageenan has been extensively investigated so far as a very effective excipient in the pharmaceutical industry.

For example, carrageenan is used as a polymer matrix for oral extended-release tablets and also as a novel extrusion aid for the production of pellets and as a carrier/stabilizer for micro/nanoparticle systems.

In addition, based on the specific properties of carrageenan (e.g. strong negative charge and gelling properties), it can be used as a gelling agent/adhesive in pharmaceuticals for controlled drug release and prolonged retention time.

In addition, carrageenan has been used for tissue regeneration and cellular delivery of therapeutic biomolecules.

This is far from over and scientists are not stopping there, other potential applications and safety assessments of carrageenan are still to be performed in the near future.

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