Innovative & Natural Gel Air Fresheners Solutions

Innovative & Natural Gel Air Fresheners Solutions


For an extended period, the lingering odors from daily activities such as cooking fumes, tobacco, mustiness, and mold have consistently impacted the quality of people's home and car environments.

To tackle this issue, the advent of gel air fresheners has successfully addressed concerns about unpleasant odors.

Innovative & Natural Gel Air Fresheners Solutions (2)

Are gel air fresheners safe?


One gel air freshener solutions are formulated by combining water and natural thickening agents to create a solid, gel-like substance. This substance encapsulates fragrances, deodorants, and disinfectants.

How do gel air fresheners work?

As water content gradually evaporates, the volume decreases, releasing the pleasant scents into the air, achieving the goal of creating an aromatic and fresh ambiance. Notably, these gel products are recognized for their convenience and safety.

Air Freshener Gels Series

Air Freshener Gel Series

In today's environmentally conscious market, the growing demand for natural and eco-friendly products is evident. Recognizing this trend, we conducted research on natural air freshener gels, introducing a high-quality solution using natural plant-based gums and stabilizers. Those products, natural hydrocolloids, boast health and environmental benefits, ease of use, and high cost-effectiveness.

Through extensive research and development, we have introduced a variety of air freshener gel products tailored to meet diverse usage needs:

1. High Transparent Air Freshener Gel Series

Premium series with crystal-clear transparency, fine structure, high gel strength, excellent fragrance release, and compatibility with solvents. Requires no additional water-retaining agents.

2. Semi-Transparent Series

High gel strength, excellent stability, good water retention, and pleasant fragrance release.

3. High-Temperature Resistant Air Freshener Gel Series

Developed to withstand high temperatures during transportation and storage. Offers a robust gel structure, high-temperature resistance (up to 100°C), and good water retention.

4. Low-Temperature Resistant Series

Crafted to withstand low temperatures during transportation and storage. Provides a strong gel structure, low-temperature resistance (down to -20°C), maintaining good gel form and structure without water separation after thawing.

5. High-Flow Series

Developed to meet various processing needs. Suitable strength and flexibility, good water retention, excellent flowability with no viscosity during heating - preventing sticking to leaves and pot bottoms. No need for water-retaining agents.

High-Temperature Resistant Air Fresheners Gel Series

At the same time, to meet the changing needs of the market, we're putting extra effort into creating new air freshener gels that can remove formaldehyde, repel mosquitoes, and have antibacterial properties.

We're dedicated to always offering top-notch air freshener gel solutions for our customers, no matter what their specific needs may be.

Are gel air fresheners safe

Experience a breath of fresh air! Discover Best Gel Air Freshener Solutions Tailored Just for You!

Embrace the natural and eco-friendly revolution with our plant-based gel, providing not just a fresh atmosphere but also health and environmental benefits.

Our commitment to innovation ensures you experience high gel strength, stability, and exceptional fragrance release.

Ready to transform your living space?

Explore our air freshener gel range now and choose the perfect solution for a revitalized and aromatic environment! Revitalize your life, one scent at a time.

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