4 Classic Applications of Carrageenan in Milk Beverage & Neutral Dairy

Carrageenan in Milk Beverage



What foods contain carrageenan? Do you know the 4 main applications of carrageenan in milk beverages and neutral dairy products? You can find the answers here.

Carrageenan is a hydrocolloid extracted from red algae seaweed. A notable property of carrageenan is its ability to stabilize casein micelles. Due to its diverse and widely varying properties and its synergistic effect with many thickening agents, it can impart a wide variety of forms and properties to dairy products. Therefore, carrageenan is very widely used in milk beverages and neutral dairy products.

carrageenan applications: carrageenan in milk

1. Carrageenan in frozen neutral dairy dessert - ice cream

Frozen Desserts_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Ice cream is a good summer product, adding carrageenan to ice cream can play a role in stabilizing and thickening the system; it can make the fat and other solid components evenly distributed, prevent the separation of emulsion, prevent the ice crystals from increasing in size during production and storage, make the ice cream finely organized, well structured, lubricated and palatable, and not easy to melt when placed.

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2. Carrageenan in refrigerated or room temperature neutral dairy desserts


Neutral dairy desserts are more popular in Europe and America, the solid ones are generally called pudding and the semi-solid ones are called custard. Because of their unique thick appearance and delicate and lubricious taste, dairy desserts are easy to attract the interest of children and young consumers and have caused a new consumption boom in the Chinese market.

Neutral dairy desserts have a relatively wide range of protein content, which can range from 110% to 318%, and are mainly characterized by a semi-solid, semi-fluid texture, similar to thick, stirred yogurt.

The versatility of carrageenan and its high coordination with other thickening agents make it a decisive hydrocolloid in neutral dairy desserts.

Dairy desserts with more Kappa carrageenan are highly gelatinous and behave as solid desserts. Such desserts can be paired with small amounts of Iota-type carrageenan, xanthan gum, and guar gum to reduce the top water release of the product.

When the dessert system has a large proportion of Iota-type carrageenan or λ-type carrageenan, and Kappa carrageenan is added in small amounts or not at all, then compounded with acacia bean gum, xanthan gum, guar gum, gelatin, or modified starch, a thick, semi-solid fluid, known as custard, can be obtained.

The versatility of carrageenan is fully reflected in such products.

3. Carrageenan in milk beverages with protein content ≥ 110%

Chocolate Milk Carrageenan in Milk Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Dairy beverages with protein content greater than or equal to 110% are widely sold in the market, mostly flavored ones, such as chocolate milk and strawberry milk in supermarkets.

Since this type of dairy beverage contains less milk and has a relatively thin taste, carrageenan has the function of thickening and improving the taste of the product in addition to stabilizing casein micelles in dairy beverages.

In addition, Kappa carrageenan has the function of stabilizing cocoa particles and fat in chocolate milk.

Since the gel of Kappa carrageenan is brittle and easy to shrink, so the complete addition of Kappa carrageenan will produce a fuller taste, but after about 4 months, due to the shrinkage of the gel, it will produce the phenomenon of water releasing from the top, which will affect the appearance of the product.

The addition of Iota carrageenan and a small amount of xanthan gum can reduce the syneresis effect of Kappa carrageenan and improve the taste of the product, while Iota carrageenan provides a more delicate taste that is in harmony with the flavor of milk and can enhance and compensate for the milk flavor.

4. Carrageenan in sterilized flavored milk beverages with protein content ≥ 213%

Dairy_Gino Biotech_Hydrocolloid Suppliers

Breakfast milk and whey milk in the market are sterilized flavored milk with protein content greater than or equal to 213%. In this kind of neutral milk, the milk content is more than 80% and the taste is more moderate. Carrageenan in this type of product mainly plays the role of stabilizing protein, improving the emulsification performance of the system, and obtaining a special taste.

As the protein content in this type of dairy system is relatively high, the interaction with carrageenan is also relatively strong. In order to achieve better stability and to prevent system syneresis and shrinkage, the amount of kappa carrageenan (purer) added should be less than 0.1-0.14%.

To prevent top water release, Iota-type carrageenan should be used to compound with Kappa carrageenan, or a small amount of xanthan gum, guar gum or modified starch should be added to the system to reduce the system syneresis effect.

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