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Low Temperature Instant Agar Powder


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Low Temperature Instant Agar Powder, is a kind of agar with good hydrophilicity and low-temperature instant solubility made by physical method, which meets the requirements of low-temperature production process for high quality products, but also meets the principle of safety and economy.

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1. What is Low Temperature Instant Agar

- A Food Additive

Low temperature instant agar powder is one of the thousands of additives that are often added to yogurt, ice cream, porridge, beverages and beer production because of its easy dispersion, low temperature instant solubility, high gel strength and low additive quantity.

Agar is a polysaccharide extracted from marine red algae plants such as Stachybotrys and Gracilaria. Agar has good gelation properties and is widely used in food, pharmaceutical and daily chemical industries.

However, the commonly extracted agar needs to be dissolved completely at water temperature above 95°C for 15 minutes, and the high temperature, as well as time-consuming, seriously affects its application.

So, a kind of low-temperature instant agar with enhanced hydrophilicity by the physical method was invented to meet the demand of low-temperature production process for high-quality products, and also meet the principle of safety and economy.

2. Is Low Temperature Instant Agar Powder Safe?

-Safety is comparable to that of edible salt

The state (GB 2760) stipulates that agar can be used in all kinds of foodstuffs and there is no limit to the amount it can be added. Low-temperature instant agar is made from red algae grown in pure sea and refined by the national invention patent technology, which is safer than animal-derived colloids and has no religious taboos.

Compared with common agar, low-temperature instant agar powder has lower dissolution temperature (about 65℃), faster dissolution speed (less than 10 minutes) and less addition, so it is widely used in various food production and processing industries.

3. Applications of Low Temperature Instant Agar Powder

Widely used in various food products

3.1 Set Yogurt

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In yogurt, agar can completely replace gelatin which is derived from animal sources.

The resulting set yogurt has the following advantages,

  • Fine and smooth taste
  • Mellow texture and good gel structure.
  • Prevents shaking and breaking during transportation.
  • Heat resistant
  • No water separation
  • Extended shelf life.

3.2 Ice Cream

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Agar can improve the tissue state of ice cream, increase the viscosity and expansion rate of ice cream, reduce ice crystals, make ice cream more delicate and softer and smooth.

3.3 Porridge

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Used as stabilizer, it can improve the taste of ba bao porridge, white fungus and bird's nest and other jelly food, the product is uniform and stable, and it can prevent the occurrence of precipitation and stratification.

3.4 Liquid Beverages

As a suspending agent, it can be used in liquid beverages to effectively extend the suspension time and shelf life.

The product has high transparency, good fluidity, smooth taste and no off-flavor.

And it has the characteristics of acid resistance, high-temperature resistance, uniform particle suspension, no water precipitation, no precipitation, no stratification, low viscosity, etc.

3.5 Other Foods

As the clarifying agent of beer, wine and soy sauce, it can accelerate and improve the clarification quality.

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