Delicious Asian Jelly Sticks Recipe | Find Jelly Sticks Near Me

Find Jelly Sticks Near Me


Asian jelly sticks, a delightful treat popular across various cultures, offer a unique blend of flavors and textures that tantalize the taste buds. These colorful and translucent sticks are not only visually appealing but also incredibly refreshing, making them a beloved snack or dessert for many.

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Let's delve into the world of Asian jelly sticks, explore a simple recipe to make them at home, and discover where you can find these delectable treats near you.

Asian Jelly Sticks | Chinese Jelly Sticks

Asian Jelly Sticks _ Chinese Jelly Sticks

Asian jelly sticks, also known as konjac jelly, jelly sticks, or jelly straws, are sweet, colorful treats that come in stick-like shapes. They're made from a gelatin-like substance and are known for their chewy texture and fruity flavors such as mango, lychee, grape, and more. 

These sticks are often individually packaged and enjoyed as a refreshing snack or dessert in various Asian cultures.

Homemade Asian Jelly Sticks Recipe

Making jelly sticks at home is a fun and straightforward process. Here's a simple jelly sticks recipe you can try.

Homemade Asian Jelly Sticks Recipe

Ingredients & Suggested Dosage

(1KG Jelly)

Part A (Unit: g)

Carrageenan Jelly Powder




Fructose Syrup


Potassium Sorbate




White Sugar


Color Liquid


Part B (Unit: g)



Citric Acid


Sodium Citrate


DL-Malic Acid


Part C (Unit: g)




Instructions: How to Make Jelly Sticks

  1. Mix the carrageenan jelly powder in Part A with white sugar, add acesulfame, fructose syrup, water, etc., stir evenly, boil, and cool for later use.
  2. Melt the acidifier in part B with hot water to make a clear liquid, and keep it at 75°C for later use.
  3. When part A is cooled to 75°C, add the acidifier in part B and the flavor in part C, mix well, fill and seal.
  4. Sterilize in a water bath at 85°C for 10 minutes. Cool with cold water.
How to Make Jelly Sticks

Where to Find Asian Jelly Sticks Near You

Where to Find Asian Jelly Sticks Near You

If you prefer the convenience of purchasing these delicious treats, you can find them at various Asian supermarkets, specialty snack stores, or online retailers.

Simply search for "Asian jelly sticks" or "konjac jelly" to explore local or online options near your area. Many online platforms offer a wide selection of flavors and brands, allowing you to choose according to your preferences.


Asian jelly sticks offer a delightful experience with their burst of flavors and unique texture. Whether you decide to create them in your kitchen or seek them out at nearby stores, these treats are sure to add a touch of joy to your snacking experience. Embrace the vibrant world of Asian jelly sticks and indulge in their deliciousness today!

Enjoy exploring and savoring these delightful treats, and share the joy of Asian jelly sticks with friends and family!

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